er and others造句

"er and others"是什麽意思   


  1. The beauty of supportive housing, though, is that enormous savings can be achieved through reduced use of ERs and other public facilities.
  2. He thinks it is the reincarnation of a goddess who has come to punish him for his mistreatment of Xi'er and other despotisms.
  3. The gaps are equally striking in other parts of the health care system : there are too few nurses to staff ERs and other departments.
  4. But it was NATO's war against Yugoslavia that presented the pacifist Greens with their biggest dilemma, and also showed just how much the 68'ers and other former radicals who now lead the Green parties have changed.
  5. :: ( 1 ) The term is highly charged for a significant number of Irish and other people in Ireland and the UK . I suspect US'ers and others probably would find it hard to get into how charged it is.
  6. It's difficult to find er and others in a sentence. 用er and others造句挺難的


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