1. In 2014, NESN named Erdahl the Boston Bruins rink side reporter.
  2. Arlen Erdahl is a true statesmen.
  3. She was replaced by Jamie Erdahl.
  4. Erdahl Township was organized in 1877, and supposedly named after " a district in Norway ".
  5. The terrace had been built in 1954 when the West Wing was the Erdahl-Cloyd Student Union.
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  7. The first publication of the scanline rendering technique was probably by Wylie, Romney, Evans, and Erdahl in 1967.
  8. During his government service, Erdahl distinguished himself by focusing on principles and sound policy rather than on politics and personalities.
  9. Erdahl began his long career in elected public service in 1962 when he was elected to the Minnesota State Legislature, where he served for eight years.
  10. Erdahl was elected to Congress in 1978 after 20-year incumbent Al Quie gave up the seat to make a successful run for governor of Minnesota.
  11. A year after the opening of the East Wing, the Erdahl-Cloyd Student Union was built, occupying the present " West Wing " of the library.
  12. With Lowell O . Erdahl, he is the author of " Sexual Fulfillment : For Single and Married, Straight and Gay, Young and Old ."
  13. Erdahl worked at New England Sports Network prior to joining CBS . In 2013, she filled in on the sidelines for Jenny Dell during the Boston Red Sox season.
  14. Erdahl also served as Associate Director / Country Director for the Peace Corps from 1983 to 1989 . He currently serves on the board of the United Nations Association of Minnesota.
  15. After Tim Penny's retirement, Erdahl ran for his old First District seat in 1994, but was defeated in the primary by State Representative Gil Gutknecht, the eventual winner.
  16. Erdahl was elected Minnesota Secretary of State in 1970, appointed by Governor Wendell Anderson to the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission in 1975 and elected to Congress from Minnesota s First Congressional district in 1978.
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