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  1. A concealed escape stairway in the wall leads out of the Wada.
  2. An "'escape chute "'is a special kind of emergency exit, used where conventional fire escape stairways are impractical.
  3. The building was built in the 20's, yet still had four corner escape stairways with fire doors at each exit.
  4. The building was totally renovated with fire sprinkler systems, fire escape stairways, new HVAC systems, and a complete electrical renovation.
  5. Each floor has two pressurized fire escape stairways with widths of 1.35 meters, higher than the standard 1.20 meters of comparable structures.
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  7. Smokers standing on balconies, outside doorways or on the fire escape stairways of downtown office buildings have become a common sight in English cities.
  8. They chose not to use thick masonry or cement to encase the three escape stairways in each tower but rather light sheets of gypsum.
  9. Rep . Christopher Shays, R-Conn ., became interested in the existing investigation's findings that the tight clustering and thin encasement of escape stairways made them susceptible to being severed all at once, trapping people above the impact zones of the hijacked jets that brought the towers down.
  10. But even those few swaying trips back and forth damaged the unusually flexible buildings, jamming doors to elevators and escape stairways and conference rooms, and probably further ripping up the gypsum around the stairwells, helping to trap hundreds of people in and even below the impact zones.


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