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  1. In October 2013 Pearson College London acquired Escape Studios, Europe's leading VFX academy.
  2. Escape Studios now also offers courses in VFX, Games and Animation at undergraduate, postgraduate and short course levels.
  3. The same building also houses Escape Studios, a digital art school providing computer graphics training for the visual effects industry in London.
  4. Two full albums followed : " The Well Below the Valley ", recorded at the Escape Studios in Kent, from 18 June 1973.
  5. It was recorded at Escape Studios in Kent, England, from 18 June 1973 until the end of the month, and was released later that year.
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  7. All of the tutors at Escape Studios have worked in the industry and have been hand-picked from successful studios and have many years of professional productions experience.
  8. Carroll was unable to get the mobile unit to the Marquee Club, but showed up backstage after the engagement and offered them two days at Escape Studios with producer Speedy Keen to record a single.
  9. Recorded at Escape Studios, Kent, it was initially issued with the'Map of Chiswick'label, later it was switched to the'Big Beat'label and pressed in other formats.
  10. Their second album, " The Well Below The Valley " was recorded at Escape Studios in Kent, England, from 18 June 1973 until the end of the month, and released the same year.
  11. In addition to his architecture studies Mizzi also studied Digital Set Design as the USC School of Cinematic Arts in Los Angeles and Visual Effects and Animation at Escape Studios in London, disciplines he incorporates in his design approach.
  12. Two albums followed . " Please Mind Your Head ", recorded by engineer Tony Taverner at Escape Studios in Kent, and " Keep Yer A'nd On It ", produced by Andy Johns at Island's Basing Street studios.
  13. In the late seventies Maidman also trained as a recording engineer, sometimes assisting John Burns at Escape Studios and notably recording and mixing Marc Bolan's 1976 hit single'I Love to Boogie'at Decibel Studio, a track later featured in the film'Billy Elliot '.
  14. The relative success commercially and critically of recent Latin American films such as " Amores Perros " and " Y Tu Mama Tambien " of Mexico, and " Son of the Bride " and " Nine Queens " of Argentina, have not escaped studio notice either.


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