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  1. To facilitate high-altitude bailouts, the crew began wearing the Launch Entry Suit and later the Advanced Crew Escape Suit during ascent and descent.
  2. Morozov closes the final bulkhead, leaving Daniels to drown and protecting Robinson, Tobin, and himself in the torpedo section where Robinson has hidden three escape suits.
  3. STS-64 was the first mission to see the use of the new full-pressure Advanced Crew Escape Suit, which eventually replaced the partial-pressure Launch Entry Suit.
  4. EVA suits and launch and entry or advanced crew escape suits ( ACES ) worn by ISS and Shuttle crewmembers are designed to provide an impermeable barrier between the wearer and the external environment.
  5. Experimental diving, is conducted by the radioactive isotopes and mixed gas diving equipment, while the British equivalent ( The Admiralty Experimental Diving Unit ) perfected the Mark 10 submarine escape suits utilized by both the Royal Navy and the US Navy.
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  7. Since 1946, DCC's continuous pressure suit research and development efforts, sponsored largely by the Department of Defense to support its DoD standard pressure suit and served as the basis for NASA's S1035 Advanced Crew Escape Suit ( ACES ).
  8. The "'Advanced Crew Escape Suit "'( ACES ) or " pumpkin suit ", was a full pressure suit that began to be worn by Space Shuttle crews after STS-65, for the ascent and entry portions of flight.
  9. The Launch-Entry Suit ended its service life in late 1995, and was replaced by the full-pressure Advanced Crew Escape Suit ( ACES ), which resembled the Gemini space suit in design, but retained the orange color of the Launch-Entry Suit.
  10. The Strizh pressure suit, like its U . S . Air Force counterpart ( itself based on the X-15 and Gemini space suit and now used as part of NASA's Advanced Crew Escape Suit ), is still in use for all Russian high-altitude aircraft that lack pressurized cabins.


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