escape the day造句


  1. One escaped the day after they were abducted at sea by bandits last week.
  2. Brunnell, as prone as a mattress for two months, escaped the day remarkably upright.
  3. The white walkways could easily be seen by nighttime visitors escaping the day's blistering heat.
  4. They escaped the day of the bombing with relatively minor injuries, though they do have health problems.
  5. Pongo and Missis devise a plan to rescue all of the puppies and escape the day before Christmas Eve.
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  7. The wealthy Jews escaped the day after the pogrom and many more fled in small groups in subsequent months.
  8. After one year of hiatus, Escape the Day returned in 2012, with new members and a new sound.
  9. Scott escaped the day after the kidnap by hurling himself down a precipice while the group marched along a mountainous jungle track.
  10. Do you come to work to please viewers or to make them think-- to escape the day or engage the day?
  11. She escaped the day after her abduction by running to a police officer who happened to be at a motel where Palczynski took her.
  12. Upon learning this, he decides to escape the day before the missionary is due to arrive, steal a rifle and kill him.
  13. The Oakland A's, who also are battling for a playoff berth, haven't escaped the day-night doubleheader craze.
  14. You get a chance to relax, escape the day-to-day interruptions and even think about how your life and career are going.
  15. But there was no escaping the day's serious purpose, a point driven home when Avi Avitan spoke to the crowd in Zion Square.
  16. Palestinian security forces on Thursday captured two Palestinian prisoners, including the killer of an Israeli taxi driver, who had escaped the day before, a senior official said.
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