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  1. Establishing credit mechanisms in the modern market economy
  2. Discussion on establishing credit system of china ' s mid - small enterprises
  3. Preliminary research on establishing credit appraisement system of tour enterprises
  4. Business strategy : establish credit upon quality and survive the market by credit
  5. 2 . establishing credited and non - credited courses in australian studies
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  7. At last , the prospect of establishing credit guarantee system on standard operation , sound law system in china
  8. So , one effective way to cope with this problem is to establish credit guarantee system of small and medium - sized enterprises
  9. The improving of financial ecology lies in establish credit government , improving laws , fostering good social credit systerm
  10. The department in charge of commerce at each level shall establish credit files of franchisors and franchisees , and announce a list of enterprises in violation of regulations in a timely manner
  11. In this paper , the author ties to establish credit risk information system for personal consumption loan is discussed thoroughly . some primary but meaningful results are obtained
  12. Established credit rating companies can help you assess your partner s financial soundness . throughout the partnership , continued monitoring can be helpful in avoiding problems that could lead to non payment or supply failures
  13. Even as a borrower , you should , on the basis of your established credit rating and your credit history that are available to banks , be able to get onto your computer screen competitive offers for money
  14. The society has reached a compromise to establishing credit system , and we are completing the credit system . there are many papers researching on the credit market , especialy the asymmetrical information of credit market
  15. Users of ups internet shipping and other applications on the ups web sites that enable the purchase of products and services who choose to use credit cards for payment are required to provide information about themselves and their card . we use this information to establish credit for billing
    選用信用卡付款的ups網上托運ups internet shipping和ups網站上其他提供購買產品和服務能力之應用程式的用戶,需提供個人資料及信用卡資料,以便建立信用卡付帳系統。
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