establishing objective造句

"establishing objective"是什麽意思   


  1. Like yourself a little better , and establish objectives that are attainable in a detailed process
  2. Giving out quantitative analysis of some objective of inkling , we establish objective optimization space of tp
  3. Assists in establishing objectives , policies , standards and production schedules in the production department to ensure volume , quality and cost effectiveness
  4. In a word , only if we improve and make relevant audit environment and governance system more and more better and establish objective fair effective and efficient independent audit system can we assure the accounting information listed companies provide have an appropriate level of high quality
  5. This power , the connotation of which derives first from the comprehension of the executive power in administrative laws and the explanation for the executive power in business managements , can chiefly be defined as the ability to s effective execution of public policies , decisions , decrees , strategies and plans , as well as the completion of its established objectives
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  7. The traditional objective evaluation method ignores person ' s subjective sensations on the sound , so it is not applicable to the research of sound quality . but the general method of evaluation of sound quality which is carried out with people on - line has the limitation of efficiency , cost , time and so forth , so it is necessary to establish objective evaluation method based on subjective sensations
  8. How to evaluate the effect of modern technology of reservoir description in exploration and development , this mainly based on whether what we know about reservoir match what it is . ten - year practice of reservoir description indicate : if we want to establish objective 3 - dimension geological model of reservoir , the different reservoir type , the different exploration and development phase , the different data quantity and quality decide what technical route of reservoir description we should apply


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