establishing operation造句


  1. For this reason, the new owners had extreme difficulty in establishing operations.
  2. Establishing operations producing footwear, bedding and clothes.
  3. And it raises the possibility of plant suppliers establishing operations at a nearby industrial park the state would help develop.
  4. Shortly after establishing operations in the new capital, Congress passed the Organic Act of 1801, which organized the federal territory.
  5. In recent years the area has had renewed life with mining companies re-establishing operations, like the Paddington Gold Mine.
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  7. Parent company Chrysler made a substantial investment in Australian manufacturing facilities, by establishing operations in South Australia with an assembly plant at Ford Falcon.
  8. With the start of oil exploitation in the early 20th century, companies from the United States began establishing operations in Venezuela, bringing with them US citizens.
  9. These conditions have been referred to variously as " Setting Event ", " Establishing Operations ", and " Motivating Operations " by various researchers in their publications.
  10. During the 1980s and 1990s, a major growth sector in manufacturing was the electronics industry with over 130 North American and 35 Japanese companies establishing operations in Wales.
  11. In an increasingly global market, prudent companies should determine whether establishing operations in the FTZ would provide them with a financial edge in today's competitive market.
  12. Following the merger, American Tower began international expansion by establishing operations in Mexico in 1998 and Brazil in 1999 . The company is structured as a real estate investment trust.
  13. Both Edelman and Burson-Marsteller followed Hill & Knowlton by establishing operations in London in the 1960s and all three began competing internationally in Asia, Europe and other regions.
  14. Not only are there problems with collection, but also frequent changes in the tax code and the often arbitrary way it is enforced have discouraged many foreign companies from establishing operations in Russia.
  15. Petrobras president Joel Renno said the company was especially interested in establishing operations in Venezuela " which is known to have huge reserves and many yet-to-be explored areas with enormous potential ."
  16. For instance, a fast-food worker earning minimal wage, forced to work more than one job to make ends meet, would be highly motivated by a pay raise, because of the current deprivation of money ( a conditioned establishing operation ).
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