establishing standards for造句

"establishing standards for"是什麽意思   


  1. Establish standards for component testing
  2. Establishes standards for xmi , corba , and other enterprise technologies
    為xmi 、 corba以及其它企業技術建立一些標準。
  3. Implemented in 1963 , this system established standards for origin , grape variety , yield and quality for labeling italian wines
  4. Water pollution control act amendment ( 1972 ) established standards for cleaning navigable streams and eliminating all harmful waste disposals by 1985
  5. Noise control act ( 1972 ) established standards for major sources of noise and required the epa to advise the federal aviation administration on standards for airplanes
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  7. Today s announcement marks an important step in our efforts to work with our trading partners to use sound science as a basis for establishing standards for human and animal health
    今天宣布的決定標志著我們與貿易伴一起,努力為在可靠的科學基礎上建立人體健康和動物檢疫標準邁出了重要的一步。 ”
  8. Time control management system can make an accurate statistic on repair items and working hours after establishing standards for the subdivided service items , to make a further plan to the productive capacity system allocation
  9. The sql language is a very well established standard for retrieving information from relational databases and has recently been enhanced with new facilities called " structured types " that support nested structures similar to the nesting of elements in xml


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