1. Brewer became the Director of Base Hospital 2 in Etretat.
  2. He is buried in the Etretat Churchyard Extension in 蓆retat, France.
  3. The sessions took place in Rouen, NYC, Etretat, London & Portland ( Oregon ).
  4. It's too striking, as at Etretat; too historic, as at Omaha and Sword Beaches.
  5. One looks like the wings of Nike of Samothrace; another, like the rocky cliffs at Etretat, France.
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  7. From 11 March 2014, the Norman Voyager was chartered to Brittany Ferries, renamed " Etretat " and branded for their 閏onomie service.
  8. The history of 19th-century art in France is dotted with stories of painters who thrived in small towns near the sea-- Seurat at Gravelines, Monet at Etretat.
  9. He returned frequently to the theme of the open window in Paris and especially during the years in Nice and Etretat, and in his final years, particularly during the late 1940s.
  10. Four years later, on the Normandy coast west of Etretat, Monet nearly drowned when he miscalculated the time of the incoming tide and was thrown against a cliff by a large wave.
  11. There is a Gray Coach to Etretat and F閏amp and there is VTNI for destinations in the Seine valley and Rouen who provide inter-urban services on behalf of the Department of Seine-Maritime.
  12. There are also 19th and 20th Century International paintings by Armand Guillaumin, Carl Sohn, Auguste Renoir, Claude Monet ( " Rainy Day, Etretat " ), Paul C閦anne, and Pablo Picasso.
  13. The painting, " Etretat, le Cap d'Antiser, " once belonged to the philanthropist Alice Tully and sold for $ 68, 000 in a 1994 auction at Christie's.
  14. That Monet had in mind making a few francs when he went to paint Pourville and Etretat and Varengeville doesn't negate the intense and ineffable feeling he conveys in the best of his pictures of those towns.
  15. In 2008, Beno顃 Duteurtre publishes " Les pieds dans l'eau " ( Feet in the water ), a highly autobiographical book in which he describes his youth spent between Le Havre and Etretat.
  16. For instance, " Capri ", painted in 1890, was probably inspired by Monet磗 paintings of the cliffs at Varengeville, Pourville, and Etretat and the rocks at Bell-Ile of the early 1880s.
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