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  1. In " Etrian Odyssey III ", there are no pre-made playable characters.
  2. is a 2010 Strange Journey " as well as the " Etrian Odyssey " series.
  3. "Etrian Odyssey II " received " favorable " reviews according to video game review aggregator Metacritic.
  4. Shigeo Komori returned as director of the game, after Daisuke Kaneda directed " Etrian Odyssey III ".
  5. Like most early RPGs, " Etrian Odyssey " uses custom characters from a number of different character classes.
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  7. "Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold " sold 59, 531 copies in its first week of release in Japan.
  8. She also liked how the labyrinths were given distinct themes, calling it an improvement over " Etrian Odyssey ".
  9. "Etrian Mystery Dungeon " is a cross over of the " Mystery Dungeon " and Etrian Odyssey series.
  10. Hi, I'm planning to get Etrian Odyssey 2 : Heroes of Langaard when it's realeased in north america.
  11. She is the singer for the band freesscape, and had previously worked on video games such as " Etrian Odyssey ".
  12. Their music frequently parodies characters or themes of games such as those of Touhou Project or Atlus's " Etrian Odyssey ".
  13. When compared to the mapping system in the original " Etrian Odyssey ", there are now additional symbols which can be used.
  14. Media Create / Famitsk reported that " Etrian Odyssey " had sold 119, 584 copies in Japan as of July 1, 2007.
  15. She is the singer for the band freesscape, and had previously worked on video game projects such as the " Etrian Odyssey " arrange albums.
  16. Similar to early role-playing video games that did not support automatic mapping, players of " Etrian Odyssey II " must maintain their own maps.
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