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  1. In 1910 his Etrich II, or " Etrich Taube " made its maiden flight.
  2. For some time he worked together with Igo Etrich, inventor of the " Etrich Taube ".
  3. On 1 June 1912 Dons performed the first flight in Norway, in an Etrich Taube monoplane named Start made in Germany by Edmund Rumpler.
  4. It was later used in the much more famous Bl閞iot XI Channel-crossing aircraft of 1909 and also copied in the earliest examples of the Etrich Taube.
  5. Behind the cockpit, the lower longerons met to make a triangular rear cross-section, much like that of the earlier Etrich Taube's rear fuselage.
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  7. *1912  First plane of the Royal Norwegian Navy to arrive in Norway is the HNoMS Start, an Etrich Taube ( fighter, bomber, surveillance plane and trainer ).
  8. The aircraft is a 3 / 4 scale replica of the First World War German Etrich Taube scout / observation / bomber, built from modern materials and powered by modern engines.
  9. Cody's previous designs were Austro-Daimler engine which had been fitted to an Etrich Taube which had crashed during the 1911 Circuit of Britain, which Cody had purchased after the race.
  10. The Owl's Head Transportation Museum in Owls Head, Maine USA, is so far the only known museum to attempt the construction of a flyable reproduction of the Etrich Taube in North America.
  11. The firm originally manufactured copies of the Etrich Taube monoplane, but turned to building reconnaissance biplanes of its own design through the course of the First World War, in addition to a smaller number of fighters and bombers.
  12. The oldest known preserved Etrich Taube, in Vienna, Austria, is possibly a near-twin to the aircraft Gavotti flew in 1911, as both are said to have been powered with inline-four cylinder liquid-cooled powerplants.
  13. "The Entente " includes several of the most famous aircraft of the era such as the SPAD XIII and Fokker D . I, reconnaissance planes such as the Etrich Taube and light and heavy bombers such the Maurice Farman S . 11 and Sikorsky Ilya Muromets.
  14. Some types developed during this period would see military service into, or even throughout, World War I . These include the Etrich Taube of 1910, Fokker Spin of 1911, Royal Aircraft Factory BE . 2, Sopwith Tabloid / Schneider and a variety of obsolescent types that would be used for pilot training.


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