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  1. Despite its strong export expansion , china remained the third largest merchandise exporter in 2006
  2. One answer from the orthodox establishment is to emphasize china ' s fast export expansion during the 1980s and 1990s
  3. It is concluded that qualified trade or product should be export expansion oriented , be sustaining , and be potentially attractive to international investment funds
  4. Employing a statistical method to decompose export growth into three components , the demand effect , the competitiveness effect and the location effect , this paper offers an assessment on the sources of export growth in the asian pacific region and china ' s contributions to other economies ' export expansion
    摘要本文以1990 - 2003年為考察時段,從總體和產業兩個層面,對中國在亞太地區主要經濟體出口增長中的貢獻度進行實證評估。
  5. To obtain loans with subsidized interest , the enterprises must submit their programs and the state economic and trade commission , together with the related departments screened the programs strictly according to the requirements on quality , variety , benefit and export expansion and focusing on metallurgical , textile , petrochemical , nonferrous metal , machinery , information , papermaking and other industries and environment protection , new and high - tech technological industrialization , selecting the outstanding and supporting the stronger , and inclining to the old industrial bases such as the northeast china and the middle and western areas appropriately
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