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  1. Iran wants to export gas from its enormous reserves to India's emerging industries.
  2. Turkmenistan is also planning to export gas to Turkey and Iran.
  3. The Sabetta LNG plant and port is planned to export gas from this field.
  4. The Iraqi Oil Ministry is implementing a project to export gas to Turkey and Europe.
  5. This is one reason why we can't afford to export gas, " said the petition.
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  7. Russia has accused Ukraine of siphoning off some of the export gas for its own needs.
  8. For Bolivia to export gas is crucial.
  9. After rejecting proposals twice, Alberta finally granted its permission to export gas from the province in 1953.
  10. By about 2005, Shell may also look to export gas to Brazil, the largest economy in South America.
  11. In 1955 Westcoast was awarded permission from the U . S . Federal Power Commission to export gas.
  12. The venture will export gas to South Korea and other northeast Asian nations through 3, 600 miles of pipelines.
  13. Russia cannot suspend supplies because Ukraine receives gas from a pipeline that Russia uses to export gas to Europe.
  14. The protests were mainly triggered by Sanchez de Lozada's plan to export gas to the United States and Mexico.
  15. Mesa called the referendum to seek support for his plan to export gas to the United States and Mexico.
  16. A decision by Mesa's predecessor to export gas via Chile sparked violent protests in Bolivia which left at least 70 people dead.
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