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  1. In 1998 the name was changed again simply to Export Gold.
  2. It is illegal to import or export gold without an official permit.
  3. Since then, Export Gold has won several awards at various brewing awards.
  4. Only the government and one gold mine are permitted to export gold from Guyana.
  5. Permission from the Governor of Bank Indonesia must be obtained before a company can export gold bullion, he said.
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  7. In 1994 as a result of winning 3 Gold Medals the name was changed from DB Export to DB Export Gold.
  8. Prime quoted a Finance Ministry official who said it expects to license about 10 Russian commercial banks to export gold next year.
  9. The only agencies permitted to export gold from Guyana are the state Gold Board and the Canadian-run Omai Gold Mine.
  10. Cairns was founded in 1876, hastened by the need to export gold discovered on the tablelands to the west of the inlet.
  11. Last July, U . S . Customs officials in Miami implicated several Georgetown businessmen in a scam to illegally export gold from Guyana.
  12. The government has signed a long-awaited order opening the way for commercial banks to export gold and silver, a news report said Monday.
  13. In 1900 another loading dock was built to export gold and silver obtained from the mines of Sierra San Borja, San Juan, and Santa Martha.
  14. The order allows Russia's Central Bank, as well as licensed commercial banks, to export gold and silver bullion freely, starting Oct . 1.
  15. In 2010, DB Breweries ran an advertising campaign attributing the creation of one of its brands, DB Export Gold to the increased taxes on beer introduced by the'black budget '.
  16. There are several beers produced under the DB brand, including " DB Draught ", a 4 % amber coloured lager; " Export Gold " a 4 % pale lager
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