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  1. Express delivery service is only available for unregistered air letter - post items only
  2. Express delivery service is only available for unregistered air letter - post items only
  3. Offers local and international express delivery services . provides online shipment tracking
  4. Sent it to our maintenance center by post office or convenient store s express delivery service
  5. Ups will also provide express delivery services to all venues nominated by bocog for the duration of the games
    在奧運會期間, ups還將為北京奧組委所有指定的地點提供快遞服務。
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  7. Visitors can have stone tables , stone chairs , and other items made to order and there s an express delivery service to your door
  8. I . domestic express delivery service is speedy . it takes only half a day to deliver within all major commercial service areas
  9. Air mail charges are divided into two zones worldwide . express delivery service is also provided to worldwide destinations through the post office s speedpost
    重量少于30克的本地郵件,郵費為港幣1 . 4 ,空郵則按兩個不同地區收費。
  10. The country has international direct phone and facsimile service , mobile phone sites , internet and e - mail facilities , and worldwide express delivery service
  11. Sometime in april and may , 1980 , dhl - sinotrans ltd . in hong kong held discussion with the guangzhou municipal post office in guangdong province about the express delivery service
  12. The purpose of the foreign private enterprises in vying for express delivery service in china is to seize the business of express delivery of documents between china and other countries and regions in the world
  13. According to the statistics of the chinese customs , our parent company sinotrans is the largest international express delivery service supplier in china by the parcel quantity handled in 2001
  14. Relying on the branch companies and good operation network of sinotrans in china and agent offices of our company in 5 districts and one county , we can offer convenient and fast freight express delivery services to customers
  15. At a press conference today , senior executives of the six posts outlined the creation of a unique single network backed up by common business and information technology systems . each post has extensive domestic express delivery services and expertise
  16. Schneider electric products win the favor of customers by its outstanding quality and the global spare parts supply network . the 24 - hour express delivery service system ensures the delivery of the spare parts to the customers at the rapidest speed to satisfy the customers
    施耐德電氣產品之所以受到顧客的青睞,不僅在于優異的質量,還在于建立了全球性的備件供應網, 24小時的特快專遞服務制度,保證了以最快的速度,把備件送到客戶手中,解決客戶急需配件的燃眉之急。
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