1. You send in an exterminator so he can - -
    你打上殺蟲劑,然后- -
  2. You ' re an exterminator charged with examining a house for bugs
  3. Maybe you should forget the director and fuck the exterminator instead
  4. You send in an exterminator so he can -
  5. And the exterminator is on his way
  6. It's difficult to find exterminator in a sentence. 用exterminator造句挺難的
  7. Flying - insects electric exterminator
  8. We ' ll call the exterminator tomorrow and we ' ll take care of the problem ,
  9. Steve : i ' m really sorry , connie . i ' ll call the exterminators right away . for now , let ' s make sure there ' s no food in the office
  10. An exterminator said he had a method that involved the use of cyanide and would render the house uninhabitable for two years
  11. In this installment of diagnosing java code , full - time java developer and part - time exterminator eric allen discusses detecting , fixing , and avoiding this bug pattern
    在診斷java代碼的這一部分中,專職java開發者兼兼職捉蟲者eric allen討論檢測、修復和避免這一錯誤模式。
  12. Of all the many kinds of films ho meng - hua directed for the shaw brothers , quite possible his most popular worldwide was the flying guillotine . while he did not direct its like - titled sequel , he did helm this great spinning beheader follow - up , which critics considered among his best . it stars the gorgeous chen ping the miniskirt gang , lady exterminator as the fearless title character who takes on an entire flying guillotine gang , despite the fact that shes pregnant


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