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  1. It is an external plaster, and ingesting it may result in various complications ( and one should contact a poison control center immediately upon ingestion ).
  2. A complete restoration in 1931 removed the apse and chancel ceilings, opened out the rood-loft stair and stripped the external plaster from the tower.
  3. Plaster decoration was widely used in Europe in the Middle Ages where, from the mid-13th century, gypsum plaster was used for internal and external plaster.
  4. At the " Beauvoir " entranceway, above the door and left-side window, dentil pillars, or the wooden wall frames, with wooden latticework backing the external plaster covering.
  5. Although Japanese who had studied with the Dutch at their settlement in Dejima advocated building with stone and brick this was not undertaken because of their vulnerability to earthquakes . " Machiya " and storehouses from the later part of the period are characterised by having a black coloration to the external plaster walls.
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  7. The company is a producer of building materials and construction systems comprising construction materials for drywall construction, plasterboard, cement boards, mineral fibre acoustic boards, dry mortars with gypsum for internal plaster and cement-based external plaster and insulating materials; glass wool, stone wool and other insulation materials under the company Knauf Insulation.


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