1. Oliveira said outside his home near the Bar do Gaucho as he showed visitors his facao, the arm-sized knife used to harvest sugar cane.
  2. Among the best places on earth to see wild hyacinth macaws is the ranch of Lerin Facao de Arruda, deep in the Pantanal marshlands of southwestern Brazil.
  3. Lerin Facao de Arruda's inn, Pousada O Pantaneiro, has seven simple cabins with baths; Rodovia Transpantaneira Km . 110, Pocone, Mato Grosso, Brazil.
  4. The law was never approved due to protests and petitions in Aragon opposed to the co-officiality of Catalan, promoted mainly by the " Federaci髇 de Asociaciones Culturales del Arag髇 Oriental " ( FACAO ), a conservative organisation which maintained that the local'linguistic modalities'were languages and not dialects of Catalan, and there was lack of consensus on the issue among the Aragonese political parties.
  5. It's difficult to find facao in a sentence. 用facao造句挺難的


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