1. She was banished from the city and ordered to march to Facatativa with her grandmother Genoveva Ricaurte Mauris.
  2. Facatativa is in located roughly 7, 500 feet above sea level in Colombia's eastern Andean region.
  3. Phase two involves the construction of a brand new secondary airport in the suburb of Facatativa west of Bogota.
  4. His body was found late Wednesday in the taxi he drove in the town of Facatativa, 35 miles ( 55 kilometers ) northwest of Bogota.
  5. Genaro Sanchez, was went by the alias'Robinson,'was captured in the town of Facatativa, near Bogota, on Sept . 2, police said.
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  7. Police were led to the find by suspicious area residents, who had seen Americans hanging around the warehouse, located in a cow pasture off a highway near the suburb of Facatativa.
  8. By that time the Railway's service covered the following towns : Chapinero, Usaquen, Sopo, Tocancipa, Nemocon, Suesca, Gachancipa, Cajica, Fontibon, Madrid, Mosquera, Facatativa, Bosa, Soacha, Sibate and Usme.
  9. And authorities claimed masked guerrillas also were among rioters who, angry over energy price hikes, set fire to city hall on Tuesday in Facatativa, 20 miles ( 30 kilometers ) west of Bogota, in disturbances that left one person killed and 25 injured.
  10. A lanky " gringo " who called himself Steve Smit rented the warehouse, in a cow pasture in the Bogota suburb of Facatativa in April 1999 . Smit told Manuel Neira, the owner, that he wanted to use it for a welding shop.
  11. On 16 September at 5 : 30 in the afternoon Viceroy Don Antonio y Borb髇 and his wife Do馻 Francisca Villanova arrived; they were received by Don Miguel y Don Juan G髆ez, mayors for this year, the first in Facatativa and the other in Fontib髇, where a reception was given unlike any ever seen for a viceroy.


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