faithful heart造句


  1. One faithful heart shall praise thee.
  2. come look at my faithful heart.
  3. R eserved for every faithful heart"
  4. "The books tell us that the prophet and his friends were happy, smiley people with faithful hearts filled with God's love ."
  5. The soprano aria " " ( My faithful heart ) resembles the former aria of the shepherd goddess Pales " " ( While the herds all woolly-coated ).
  6. It's difficult to find faithful heart in a sentence. 用faithful heart造句挺難的
  7. With the monumental exteriors proclaiming the wealth and power of the Ottoman Empire, the plain symmetrical interiors reminded the sultans should always provide a humble and faithful heart in order to connect and communicate with God.
  8. Last of all I wish with a faithful heart that you'd be " insert something about the future being good ", everyone who's devoting themselves to the spread and development of Taekwondo.
  9. In " the usual interpretation of an elliptical construction, " the ending couplet expresses further praise for the youth, seeming to say that while all things beautiful are shades of the youth, the youth like nothing else, is distinguished by a constant, faithful heart.
  10. Besides being a stand-alone piece, Bach also incorporated it into the soprano aria " Weil die wollenreichen Herden " ( " While the flocks rich in wool " ) in the Hunting Cantata BWV 208 and into an aria " Mein gl鋟biges Herze " ( " My faithful heart " ) in Cantata BWV 68.
  11. By this time, he was even more obese than before, and Emperor Xuanzong, on one occasion, jokingly asked him, " What does this barbaric belly contain ? " He responded, " Other than a faithful heart, there is nothing else . " On another occasion, when Emperor Xuanzong's son After my death, he will be your emperor . " An apologized, stating, " I am foolish.


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