faithful is造句


  1. The hold the Catholic Church has on its faithful is strong.
  2. What passion he arouses among GOP faithful is likely to be negative.
  3. How Wally sits with the Fenway faithful is yet to be determined.
  4. Old Faithful is a traditional Hull F . C . terrace song.
  5. Whether that sentiment is shared by legions of TCU faithful is highly doubtful.
  6. It's difficult to find faithful is in a sentence. 用faithful is造句挺難的
  7. The perennial favorite of the faithful is Arnold Schwarzenegger.
  8. Faithful is He that promised; He never lieth.
  9. We want people to know that Voice of the Faithful is here to stay.
  10. But the life of the priests and the faithful is what makes the Church.
  11. Pulling the party together and firing up the faithful is what conventions are all about.
  12. Voice of the Faithful is about building up the church, not tearing it down,
  13. There was a recognition that Voice of the Faithful is not going to go away.
  14. "The church's authority among the faithful is fading away ."
  15. The id for Old Faithful is OLDFAITHFUL.
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