fakes out造句

"fakes out"是什麽意思   


  1. Other variables can also fake out the automatic-flushing system.
  2. Cornerback Emmanuel McDaniel then was faked out of his tackle attempt.
  3. "I've never seen Chad fake out nobody.
  4. He may get faked out for eight or 10 rounds.
  5. The Chargers, however, weren't faked out.
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  7. Wheatley was injured while trying to fake out a defender.
  8. During their Super Bowl run they faked out the world.
  9. Watching a guy his size fake out guys smaller than him is amazing.
  10. It's a fake out, a diversion.
  11. "I just faked out the teleprompter, " he announced.
  12. You can't fake out a dental hygienist.
  13. Worst of all, we get faked out easier than an overcaffeinated cornerback.
  14. Instead, we got another fake out / cliffhanger.
  15. He had the referees faked out, too.
  16. Roenick then faked out defenseman Kevin Haller and deked goalie Guy Hebert to score.
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