1. In 1988, Bolas co-founded Fakespace Inc . with Ian McDowall and Eric Lorimer to build instrumentation for research labs to explore virtual reality.
  2. Electrohome now derived most of its income from its licensing, minor stock holdings in Mechdyne / Fakespace Systems which provides visualization solutions for data analysis, and owns digital cinema firm Immersion Studios.
  3. In 1989, Bolas founded Fakespace Music with Mark Bolas, Ian McDowall and Christian Greuel, which, in 1995, developed the Soundsculpt Toolkit, a software interface that allows music to communicate with the graphical elements of virtual reality.
  4. "If you're around here long enough, you'll get sick of hearing the word collaboration, " said Dan Wright, president of Fakespace Systems, a company that makes three-dimensional imaging devices for commercial and industrial uses.
  5. He is an Associate Professor of Interactive Media in the USC Interactive Media Division, USC School of Cinematic Arts at the University of Southern California, Director of their Interactive Narrative and Immersive Technologies Lab, Director of Mixed Reality Laboratory at USC's Institute for Creative Technologies, and chairman of Fakespace Labs in Mountain View, California.
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