farley industries造句


  1. At its peak, Farley Industries employed over 30, 000 employees worldwide.
  2. Farley Industries soon encompassed numerous companies within the manufacturing, mining, and apparel industries.
  3. Farley Industries had 50, 000 employees and nearly $ 4 billion in annual sales by the late 1980s.
  4. The Fruit of the Loom bankruptcy was Farley's third in 11 years, preceded by the failures under his leadership of Farley Industries and West Point Pepperell.
  5. The company was part of Northwest Industries, Inc ., until NWI was purchased by William F . Farley in 1985 and renamed Farley Industries, Inc . Farley served as President, CEO, and majority shareholder for 15 years.
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  7. John Wendler, senior vice president for marketing at Fruit of the Loom in Bowling Green, Ky ., a unit of Farley Industries, said in a statement that the company was " disappointed " in Burnett's decision.
  8. Fruit of the Loom Inc ., a unit of Farley Industries in Bowling Green, Ky ., has named Warwick Baker O'Neill in New York to handle its North American apparel account, with billings estimated at $ 25 million.


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