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  1. He then met Jesse Saunders and Farley Keith, who were the DJs.
  2. Hearing Hurley's version of the song, Farley Keith, who was living with Hurley at the time, teamed up with Jesse Saunders to make his own version which would move even further away from Hayes'original.
  3. At the time, writing credits were given to Farley Keith and Vince Lawrence, though it was later agreed through a deal with Universal Music that Hayes'song was the inspiration, and it is now officially credited to Hayes.
  4. Harry has built professional affiliations and camaraderie with legendary artists, producers and / or DJs such as Frankie Knuckles, Robert Owens, Marshall Jefferson, Farley Keith Williams ( ( aka Farley " Jackmaster " Funk ), Larry Heard, Ron Trent, K'Alexi Shelby, Mike Dunn, Kim Jay, Terry Hunter, Ali Coleman, Jesse Saunders, Andre Hatchett, Larry Levan, Jerry C . King, Gene Hunt, Wayne Williams, Alan King, Louie Vega, Mike Winston, Roy jones, Ron Carroll, Black Terry, Deezo Rogers, Kenny Ray, Tony Humphries, Scorp Banon & Sean Haley ( WindiMoto ), and many more.
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