farlig ungdom造句


  1. He had his breakthrough as the apprentice Egon in 1953's Farlig Ungdom ( " Dangerous Youth " ), a stark drama about the crime scene in Copenhagen among adolescents.
  2. In 1954, Lauritzen was again awarded the Bodil Award, this time as the sole director for his crime drama " Farlig Ungdom " ( " Dangerous Youth " ).
  3. At that point he was still largely unknown in the Danish film scene but he still managed to get chosen for a role in the film " Farlig Ungdom " ( 1953 ) which would become a classic of its time.
  4. For his direction of " Farlig Ungdom " he took home the award for Best Danish Film for a fourth time, a record that would stand more than forty years until Lars von Trier in 1997 received his fourth Best Danish Film Bodil for " Breaking the Waves ".
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