1. Felkin returned to England, but moved to New Zealand permanently in 1916.
  2. The selectivity for this product can best be explained by the Felkin model.
  3. Dr . Felkin was one of them.
  4. During this visit in 1912 Dr Felkin established the Smaragdum Thallasses Temple of the Stella Matutina.
  5. Felkin Model of the transition state.
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  7. A non-chelating electron-withdrawing substituent effect can also result in anti-Felkin selectivity.
  8. The polar Felkin-Anh model is applied in the scenario where X is an electronegative group.
  9. Felkin was not satisfied with astral meetings as he wished for physical contact with the Secret Chiefs.
  10. This reasonable stereoselectivity is clear through visualization of the Felkin-Ahn models of the possible chair forms.
  11. The outer order was changed by Dr . Felkin and other members of the Golden Dawn based in London.
  12. Selectivity in nucleophilic additions to chiral aldehydes is often explained by the Felkin-Anh model ( see figure ).
  13. Felkin's visit was closely associated with the " New Zealand Province of the Societas Rosicruciana ".
  14. One of these priests, Father Fitzgerald, would later play a key role in bring Felkin to New Zealand.
  15. Gradually, however, Felkin, and Connie, become reformed by the decency and humanity of the Linder family.
  16. Robert Felkin was in Egypt circa 1880s and published a number of books-later he converted to the religion.
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