1. Russell said, fibbing a bit about his proximity to Jordan.
  2. A fibbing athlete simply needs a weasel of an agent.
  3. A look around showed that they weren't fibbing.
  4. If we found out they were fibbing, we would suspend them,
  5. If he was fibbing, the problem is even worse.
  6. It's difficult to find fibbings in a sentence. 用fibbings造句挺難的
  7. Fibbing about one's age is nothing new, of course.
  8. They've been fibbing to themselves as much as Al Gore.
  9. Hey, Jeremy, fibbing about your age is the real turnoff.
  10. But, you'd catch him doubling up or fibbing about things.
  11. Those who say otherwise are surely fibbing, or maybe just kidding themselves.
  12. The third one is where the fibbing comes in.
  13. It's a device that detects when a caller's fibbing.
  14. Khoujinian quit four days later and apologized in a statement for the fibbing.
  15. Tiger said, and he wasn't fibbing.
  16. But fibbing during childhood does not excuse a lying spouse, Wallace said.
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