fiber array造句

"fiber array"是什麽意思   


  1. Standard test method for length and length distribution of cotton fibers array method
  2. In this paper , a new structure of multi - mode fiber array or parabolic dish concentrator array combination with tapered fiber bundles was proposed to enhance the solar pump power
  3. Through adding a small amount of sulfur powder into solid ferrocene precursor , we fabricate high purity , uniform and straight carbon fiber arrays that can extend to several millimeters by the floating catalyst method
  4. The direction of my thesis is creating a new type coherent coupling diode laser array with high optical quality by bidirectional coupling with optical fiber array . thus the welding quality and welding speed can be improved . in my research experiments , the cylinder fiber lens is used as a coupling lens system firstly
  5. Moreover , compensated for aberration of ball lens by designing phase compensating plate to get a higher energy utilization rate . third , combining with the light beam property of dwdm system , put forward taking fresnel lens array as fiber arrayed collimator , designed differently structured lens array and discovered the arrayed collimator loss property , which compared with the existing parameter of fiber collimator , embodies many advantages as arrayed collimator
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  7. So this question must be solved at first . a variety of factors which influence cte mismatch induced thermal stresses such as fiber array , temperature dependent material properties , composites fabrication temperature and pressure has been discussed . on the other hand , the temperature gradient induced thermal stresses is also analysed and factors such as heat treatment conditions , composites fabrication temperature and pressure to influence the stresses are investigated


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