1. Isn ' t that , like , your fifth - grade dream coming true
  2. Slylock fox is visiting miss fox ' s fifth - grade class on career day
  3. Your mom pre - registered you , but you wont know anybody in this new fifth - grade class
  4. Hangzhou bay bridge goes over the new zone . close to the zone is a state fifth - grade waterway which links with the huangpu river of shanghai
  5. The second experiment adopted a 3 2 2 random factorial design with 60 subjects of fifth - grade . 30 excellent comprehenders and 30 poor comprehenders were selected
    實驗二采用3 2 2三因素完全隨機實驗設計,被試為60名小學五年級學生,其中30名閱讀優生, 30名閱讀困難學生。
  6. It's difficult to find fifth-grade in a sentence. 用fifth-grade造句挺難的
  7. Perhaps you remember your fifth - grade teacher pulling down a screen ? or dad hanging a sheet on the wall , ready to show visiting friends the enthralling account of your summer vacation at the shore
  8. Two years ago i spoke to my youngest son ' s fifth - grade class about the work in my lab , explaining about amyloid and how we hoped to block the responsible enzymes to discover new medicines for alzheimer ' s


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