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  1. The ONI s investigation concluded that currently most Internet caf閟 do not filter access to pornographic content.
  2. A few weeks ago I requested edit filter access in order to help with identifying Scibaby socks.
  3. But so far, unlike other authoritarian regimes in the Middle East, it has not tried to block or filter access to the Internet.
  4. I will no longer take any part in identifying or reporting Scibaby socks, so there is no need for me to have edit filter access.
  5. He called the notion that a U . S . company should filter access to its site based on a Web surfer's nationality " very naive ."
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  7. Other recommendations include using an Internet service provider that filters access to objectionable sites, spending time on the Internet with children and guiding them in responsible use of e-mail.
  8. To use virtual 8086 mode, an operating system sets up a virtual 8086 mode monitor, which is a program that manages the real-mode program and emulates or filters access to system hardware and software resources.
  9. Just as we use doors to restrict entry to our homes, this would allow us to filter access by use case where leaving the door wide open is allowing an uncommon number of unwelcome folk through.
  10. To Melab : I'm not really sure why you think it would be necessary to take control of the domain name system globally-countries already routinely filter access to domains; there is no reason why you can't do this on a local level.
  11. Search the Web site of the British Broadcasting Corporation for stories about the Internet and China, said Wong, and you'll come up with articles talking about human rights abuses, and China's decision to filter access to the Internet to remove pornography and information about democratic rights.
  12. It is an odd-shaped glove box, deep, and way in the rear of it is the air filter access door _ it's got to be a joy to service that _ but it's in the car to sift pollen out of the air, a comfort to the allergy-challenged.


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