filter agent造句

"filter agent"是什麽意思   


  1. ingredients : pure olive essential oil, constant sunscreen factor, uv filtering agent, dahurian rhododendron, wild wormwood, natural moisturizing factor etc
  2. here we use several machine-learning methods and the agent technique to develop a new filter agent which has intelligence, and efficiency
  3. according to the user ready-made information resources, information filtering agent analyses the user's favorite and adopts vector space method to carry out the personalized information filter
  4. third . it describes three agent models of network security technology ii abstract of the new architecture : packet filtering agent, network address transaction agent and computer virus prevention-and-cure agent
  5. the system consists of three parts, which are user agent, information search agent and information filtering agent . we should form and train the user agent through the expression of information requirement and information feedback by the user
  6. It's difficult to find filter agent in a sentence. 用filter agent造句挺難的


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