filtration camp造句


  1. Chechen filtration camps are centers of wholesale abuse and torture.
  2. Sangeriyev has been visiting filtration camps around Chechnya-- he says there are at least six.
  3. He was sent to an NKVD filtration camp, where it was decided that Saprykin had committed treason.
  4. Yegorova was interrogated as a potential traitor continuously for eleven days at an NKVD filtration camp for returning Soviet prisoners.
  5. Russian reports said the mission examined the so-called filtration camp where 14 Chechen detainees are currently held for investigation.
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  7. Ford said the group had medical evidence that nine people were tortured at a so-called filtration camp in Chernokozovo.
  8. During the war in Chechnya, Chaikova was known for her filtration camps " by Russian authorities to control the population.
  9. A small, bright-green plastic palm tree on the nose of an APC . A filtration camp for suspicious Chechens.
  10. But there are other " filtration camps " where suspected rebels are held, and, Chechens say, beaten and tortured.
  11. After the war he went through another check at the NKVD filtration camp, although Ekaterina was told that he was missing in action.
  12. Chernokozovo is a site of Chernokozovo detention center, which served as the main part of the filtration camp system during the Second Chechen War.
  13. Ingush police say they are being taken to a " filtration camp " in the main Russian military base 30 miles north of here.
  14. In chilling detail, he told about the treatment of those detained, himself included, by federal forces and held in the notorious Chernokozovo filtration camp.
  15. Numerous prisons and filtration camps were set prior to May 1945, in an area that is today Poland and Russia, Slovakia, Romania and Yugoslavia.
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