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  1. Gel filtration chromatography , gfc
  2. Gel filtration chromatography
  3. The results of superose 6 gel - filtration chromatography and western blot suggest that the deletion mutant cause a gigantic change in global structure of arog
    第三部分工作研究了戶四g結構上的“ dz ”對稱性在反饋抑制中的作用。
  4. The purified badh , which became a single band in sds - page , has been obtained by a combination of ammonium sulfate fractionation , ion exchange chromatography and gel filtration chromatography
    遼寧堿蓬甜菜堿醛脫氫酶分子量為129kd ,單個亞基的分子量為64 . 5kd ,表明其為同型二聚體。
  5. It was very slow at 5 but become higher above 25 . the enzyme from abomasums used in cheese production was rough extracts containing chymosin and pepsin . through the gel filtration chromatography and ion exchange chromatogra
    羔羊胃蛋白酶最適凝乳溫度為45 ’ c ;在45處理30inin ,酶活性開始下降, 60c處理30lliln ,酶活性完全喪失;酶的最適ph為1
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  7. The separation of the formica rufa linnaeus samples by pel filtration chromatography . in this part , the author has primarily separated the formica rufa linnaeus samples by glucosan gel g - 50 filtration chromatography . the principle is the difference of the molecular weight of different components
    紅褐林蟻樣品的凝膠過濾層析分離本部分旨在通過葡聚糖凝膠g - 50過濾層析初步分離紅褐林蟻樣品,根據分子量大小不同而達到分離目的。
  8. One is a combination of ion exchange chromatography on q sepharose ff , hydrophobic interaction chromatography on phenyl hp , gel filtration chromatography on sephadex 200 and higher resolution ion exchange chromatography on mono q . the other is a combination of ion exchange chromatography on q sepharose ff , two affinity chromatography on con a sepharose 4b and benzamidine sepharose 6bcl sequentially
  9. The antimicrobial secretion could be divided into three sections , every section had antimicrobial activity . the first could be extracted by petroleum ether , the second could be extracted by ethyl alcohol , the third could dissove in water and could be separated by sephadex g - 50 , g200 gel filtration chromatography and carbornmethyl cellulose - 1 anion - exchange chromatography and detected by a256 , . the antimicrobial secretion had wide spectrum and had strong inhitory activity against germs and fungi , they could inhibit sixteen kinds of plant pathogenic germs , eight kinds of animal germs and eight kinds of plant pathogenic fungi
    粗提物經石油醚萃取可得第一個活性部分,剩余部分經無水乙醇萃取可得第二個活性部分,剩余物質再經凝膠sephadexg - 50后有兩個峰,第二峰有活性,再經凝膠sephadexg - 200后有三峰,第二峰有活性,將其經過陽離子交換柱cm - 1后有兩峰,此兩峰均有抑菌活性。
  10. Bioassay showed that the second - stage juvenile ( j2 ) could be killed by the raw extract of serine protease . serine protease was characterized after purification with ion exchange chromatography and gel filtration chromatography . the t profile , t stability profile , ph profile , substrate specificity and inhibitor were tested
    該酶分子n -端的氨基酸序列為avidtgveashpef ,通過n -端氨基酸序列設計簡并引物,提取被毛孢owvt - 1的總rna , rt - pcr克隆了該酶的成熟肽編碼基因( 1000bp ) ,序列分析表明,絲氨酸含量高達12以上。
  11. Strain bl21 , and gene expression was induced by iptg . the target proteins were directed into the periplasmic space by the staphylococcal protein a signal sequence preceding the rgd - hirudin gene . using ion exchange chromatography and gel filtration chromatography , the chimera proteins were purified , and both of them showed a single band in tricine - sds - page . the results of activity analysis suggested that these two chimera proteins not only have antithrombin activities , but gain platelet aggregation inhibitory activities as well
    通過離子交換層析和凝膠過濾層分別對兩種嵌合體蛋白進行純化,純化產物在tricine - sds - page中都顯示為單一條帶。活性分析結果表明兩種嵌合體蛋白在保留水蛭素抗凝血酶活力的同時,還呈現抗血小板聚集活性。


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