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  1. Filtration effect of the classified fankou pb zn mine tailings using homemade ceramic filter
  2. Comparison of enhanced filtration effect between bio - ceramic filter and anthracite filter
  3. The results also show that the filtration effect is improved by the sand coated with metal oxide , and coagulation which is combined with filtration can enhance the efficiency of algae removal
  4. Dust , oil and dirt filtration are common in modern production . haodaer concems not only filtration effects , but also consumption , including prcssurc diffcrcncc , product consistcnsy and rcliability
    灰塵、污物和油霧過濾器在今天來說是十分普通的了, haodaer強調,不僅是過濾效果,而更重要的是,將此與能耗結合考慮,包括壓力差,產品的連慣性和可靠性。
  5. Uniformed fine sand . if appropriate geotechnical fabric is difficult to be used , a layer of sand may be laid between the fabric and protected soil in order to solve the uneven soil and to improve the filtration effects
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