finance acts造句


  1. Her interpretation effectively erased the spending limits in the Campaign Finance Act.
  2. The Finance Act 1997 saw something similar with rental premiums.
  3. These additional members were removed in 2007 by the Electoral Finance Act.
  4. The relevant legislation is the Local Government Finance Act 1988.
  5. The Housing Finance Act 1972 also brought fundamental changes to rent legislation.
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  7. New Financing Act To Aid Leasing Firms, BUSINESS DAILY
  8. Howard guided the 1988 Local Government Finance Act through the House of Commons.
  9. The Finance Act 1986 introduced Stamp Duty Reserve Tax.
  10. The Irish President signed the Finance Act into law.
  11. The Finance Act details amendments to be made to each one of these Acts.
  12. The Finance Act 1950 had previously made the necessary changes in the entertainments tax.
  13. The respective year's Finance Act is the mechanism to enact the changes.
  14. Public expenditure of collected funds is governed by the Public Finance Act of 2007.
  15. The Finance Act 2007 was another milestone in the regulation of gambling in Italy.
  16. The Kenyan Micro Finance Act was adopted in 2006 and became active in 2008.
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