finance advisory committee造句

"finance advisory committee"是什麽意思   


  1. He was also chairman of the finance advisory committee of the UK's National Catholic Fund ( 1988 2000 ).
  2. He was a member of the Finance Advisory Committee of the Cancer Society of NZ Inc in 1992, and was later Chairman of that committee 1995-2002.
  3. The new group, Public Financing Advisory Committee, will be made up of the county chief executive officer, the county auditor-controller, the county counsel and two public members appointed by the Board.
  4. From 1966-1970, he was elected a Connecticut State Senator in the 8th Senatorial District, and also served as the ranking Republican Member of the Appropriations Committee and a member of the Governor s Finance Advisory Committee.
  5. He also as a liaison for the Contra Costa Transportation Authority Committee, the Route 4 ( East ) Corridor Study Policy Advisory Committee, the Strategic Finance Advisory Committee, the Santa Clara County Policy Committee and the West Contra Costa Transportation Advisory Committee.
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  7. He was appointed to the finance advisory committee of the National Catholic Fund in 1994 and to the CBCEW's Committee for the Roman Colleges in 1995, and became Episcopal Liaison of the CBCEW for the National Conference of Diocesan Financial Secreatries in 1996.
  8. He was a member of the Board Auckland Cancer Society for 21 years ( 1988 2009 ) and he was the president 2006-2009 . In his role as the Chair of the Finance Advisory Committee, which he held from 1995 2002, he worked towards expanding the Societies finances and capability thus increasing funds that could go towards cancer research.


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