finance agreement造句

"finance agreement"是什麽意思   


  1. Structuring of various project agreements and financing agreements
  2. Personal financing to meet the needs of the clients for sustaining property appreciation and enable the clients to control their own properties at any time or place , " personal financing " provide various financing services with unique features for you , i . e . designing financing plans , applying for financing services , entering into various financing agreements , tailor - making financial information , pre - engaging services , etc
    個人理財為實現客戶財富不斷增值的需要,使客戶能夠隨時隨地掌控自身財富, “個人理財”為您提供各類獨具特色理財服務,包括理財方案設計、理財業務申請、各類理財協議的簽訂、金融信息的定制、服務預約等。
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