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  1. Mr . louis heung , senior finance manager finance operations
  2. Consumer credit financing operation
  3. For many companies , the tax - efficient solution is to finance operations with debt
  4. C . global china oil , gas , lng project financing operation , markets , credit , policy risks management , early warning systems workshop
    ,資本,保險, ,房地產市場操作模擬財富管理操作模擬資金
  5. To manage the activities of the finance operation and to ensure financial reporting compliance for both china and ifrs reporting purposes
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  7. As a result , there are lots of risk factors during de financing operation of national medium and small - size enterprises , which promotes the following research
  8. After developed this framework , writer has succeeded implementing an application - level gateway for finance operations by using this framework to deal with a large number of messages
  9. Based on the current facts of individual financing operation in chinese commercial banks , the focus of the second part is the shortages and problems which have exposed up to now
  10. Then in the third section , this thesis puts forward the countermeasures and suggestions on how to solve these problems occurred in the development of our commercial banks " individual financing operation
  11. At present , personal financing operation is still an ordinary intermediary operation , and it is far from the real " handling money in the customers ' stead " with few items of option and less individualized services
    摘要目前,銀行的個人理財業務還只是一項普通的中間業務,理財業務產品品種少,缺乏個性化服務,并未做到真正的“代客理財” ,未發揮其應有的作用。
  12. We hope the rfp exercise will help identify a suitable business partner or contractor for hkpca , who will be better placed to develop new value - added services and e - commerce applications that can drive the utilisation of e - certs and engender a self - financing operation
  13. Up to now the main operation of our commercial banks is still deposit & loan providing , which takes above 90 percent of the total banking revenue ( meanwhile in the usa , the proportion is only 60 percent ) . while the national economic growth along with the increase of people ' s living standard , as well as the consumption - stimulating policy of our government , will all provide a broad space for the individual financing operation development of our country ' s commercial banks
    我國商業銀行目前的主營業務仍是存貸款業務,目前該項業務的收入占總收入的90以上(在美國,這個比例僅為60 ) ,這在金融業即將發生巨變的今天,很顯然已不能適應可持續發展的要求,銀行勢必要通過開發其它業務獲得新的利潤增長點。
  14. As vice president of global sales finance , julio is responsible for managing all of google s sales - related finance operations , including revenue forecasting , expense budgeting , partner deal modeling , sarbanes - oxley compliance , sales team quota - setting , as well as sales operational analysis and reporting for senior management
    Miriam目前帶領google的法律團隊,負責企業商業國際與技術上的運作。早期她擔任副法律總顧問一職,管理公司的商業與策略結盟實務操作。 miriam也為google建立許多策略伴關系,其中包括aol和aol歐洲,以及早期的伴如yahoo
  15. Speaking at a press briefing today ( december 6 ) on the outcome of the business review of the hkpca conducted by the commerce , industry and technology bureau earlier this year , the deputy government chief information officer , mrs betty fung , said the ultimate aim of the rfp exercise was to engender a self - financing operation of the e - cert services through collaboration with the private sector
    副政府資訊科技總監(規劃及策略)馮程淑儀今日(十二月六日)在記者會上, ?報工商及科技局今年較早時就香港郵政核證機關進行業務檢討的結果。她表示,發出提交建議書的邀請,最終目標是透過與私營機構合作,令電子證書服務的營運可達致財政自給。
  16. The implementation of operational security was illustrated by the practice of personal operations , public operations and bank certificates operations , etc . under the endeavors of the author and other colleagues , through the using of call center system as the operation working platform and the website www . 95599bj . com . cn as the main accessing net station for clients , e - banking system of beijing agriculture bank has successively developed such services as finance information , introduction for financial products , enterprise and personal finance operation disposals , bank certificates operations , funds , long - term trade for foreign exchange , internet electricity purchasing , capital checking bulletins for administration for industry and commerce , integrated financing cards , the opening of all the above services has built up a favorable image for our bank
    目前,北京農行網上銀行系統以已經投產的callcenter系統為業務處理平臺,以我行www . 95599bj . com . cn站點為對外客戶訪問的主網站,相繼開通了金融信息、金融產品知識介紹、企業和個人金融業務處理、銀證通業務、基金、外匯買賣遠期交易、網上購電、工商局驗資公示、綜合理財卡等服務,為我行樹立了良好形象。最后,本文提出了網上銀行系統業務的不足之處,提出了學習信息安全的收獲及我國網上銀行業務發展對策。
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