financial market trading造句


  1. That should help push bond yields lower in financial market trading.
  2. In financial market trading after the sale, government bond prices were higher.
  3. Services, defined as banking, insurance stock and financial market trading were similarly affected.
  4. In financial market trading after the sale, government bond prices held onto earlier gains.
  5. In 1999 he founded vCollege, the first Russian Financial Markets Trading and Investing School.
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  7. It is understood that Trading Systems IQ will become the market leader in financial market trading software.
  8. Trading was volatile and most financial markets traded in a wide range, said Randy Werntz, a Kansas City Value Line trader.
  9. As a result, the yield on the Treasury's benchmark 30-year bond will probably move higher in financial market trading.
  10. In financial market trading after today's auction, bonds were higher before the auction and then retreated to show little change from yesterday, yielding 6.21 percent.
  11. Trading algorithms may be as exotic as biology theorems like neural network applied to financial market trading by Gang Dong of Rutgers University, or completely based on current market time / price analysis.
  12. Miyahara said the company has reduced its copper trading activity " somewhat, " and will combine its commodities and financial market trading into one department to improve its market risk management system.
  13. As expected, financial markets traded in fairly narrow ranges ahead of Humphrey-Hawkins testimony from Alan Greenspan, the Federal Reserve chairman, on monetary policy and the state of the economy to Congress on Thursday.
  14. In financial market trading after the sale, government bond prices, which rallied just before the auction, gave back most of their gains afterwards as traders focused on the economy's growth and the threat of accelerating inflation.
  15. In financial market trading, the Treasury's benchmark 30-year bond rose 1 / 4 point, pushing down its yield more than 2 basis points to 6.01 percent-- a 22-month low.
  16. Speculation to that effect has grown to the point that investigators in two countries have looked at financial market trades before last week's attacks, wondering if they could have been made by people who knew that the attacks were planned.


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