first belgrade gymnasium造句


  1. Vasovi began his secondary studies by enrolling at the First Belgrade Gymnasium.
  2. With this addition, First Belgrade Gymnasium receives the same status like other European higher class schools.
  3. He worked as a journalist, military clinical psychologist and as a teacher of psychology at the First Belgrade Gymnasium.
  4. After the end of the war, Josif continued his schooling in Belgrade and graduated in the First Belgrade Gymnasium.
  5. From October 1928 until September 1945 he taught mathematics in high school, mostly in the Second Belgrade's Gymnasium and First Belgrade Gymnasium.
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  7. He finished the First Belgrade Gymnasium in 1885, and afterwards enrolled at the natural science-mathematical section of the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade.
  8. But despite Kragujevac being the cultural center of Serbia at the time, Miloa Obrenovi ordered for First Belgrade Gymnasium ( grammar school ) to be founded in Belgrade, its area called Dorol ( Dort-yol ).


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