flat clear造句

"flat clear"是什麽意思   


  1. Arup's innovative concrete'egg-crate'construction at Spa Green gave each flat clear views unobstructed by internal pillars, and his aerodynamic'wind roof'provided a communal area for drying clothes and social gathering.
  2. Programmes on the NSprire series as well as TI 92 plus and Voyage 200 calculators can be transferred and saved in flat clear text ( Ansi / Ascii / ISO 8859-* ) format and there are several IDEs for TI calculator programming.
  3. Ove Arup s innovative concrete box-frame or'egg-crate'construction gave each flat clear views and interiors uncluttered by beams, columns, or pipes, while his aerodynamic'wind-roofs'and open terraces provided a communal area for drying clothes, social gathering and enjoying views of St Paul's Cathedral, the Old Bailey and the Houses of Parliament.
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