flat cohomology造句


  1. Flat morphisms are used to define ( more than one version of ) the flat topos, and flat cohomology of sheaves from it.
  2. It has been used to define other cohomology theories since then, such as l-adic cohomology, flat cohomology, and crystalline cohomology.
  3. Technically speaking it enabled the construction of the sought-after 閠ale cohomology ( as well as other refined theories such as flat cohomology and crystalline cohomology ).
  4. Isomorphism classes of twisted forms of a split torus are parametrized by nonabelian flat cohomology H ^ 1 ( S, GL _ n ( \ mathbb { Z } ) ), where the coefficient group forms a constant sheaf.
  5. It's difficult to find flat cohomology in a sentence. 用flat cohomology造句挺難的


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