1. Interior six - angled flat - ended fixing screw
  2. Flat - ended keys for deck screw caps for filling and sounding pipes
  3. Square headed flat - ended fixing screw
  4. Slotting flat - ended tightening screw
  5. Testing of asphalt ; indentation testing using a flat - ended indentor pin
  6. It's difficult to find flat-end in a sentence. 用flat-end造句挺難的
  7. Under the condition of penetration by flat - ended projectiles , the noses of flat - ended projectiles keep integrity when the velocity is under the normal projectile velocity
  8. When targets penetrated by flat - ended projectile , shear deformation along the penetration direction appears , at the same time compressive deformation also appears in the material that is in front of the projectile . the compressive deformation begins at the back surface of the target and spreads inward
  9. Targets made of ship - building steel , which is concerned , were penetrated by conical and flat - ended projectiles . the damage and failure behaviors of targets have been studied systematically by micro - hardness , metallography and scanning electron micrography . the results show that the ductile hole failures and back - surface petal failures are achieved when targets penetrated by the conical projectiles
  10. According to the land forces criteria ( u . s ) for ballistic limit and by using the method that the ballistic limit is equal to the average of two velocities that are partly penetration velocity and completely penetration velocity respectively , the ballistic limit is determined targets penetrated by both conical and flat - ended projectile , the result can be in the table


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