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  1. He also regularly stands in for Julia George on other weekday mornings.
  2. Ours was $ 35.50; dinner, $ 13.50 each, $ 9.35 for Julia.
  3. One night Helen is unable to sleep and leaves for Julia's flat.
  4. Ditto for Julia Lamont of Miami and Alexa LaFaunce of Modesto, Calif.
  5. That the award was named for Julia Child was particularly meaningful to Evely.
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  7. She covered the role multiple times for Julia Murney and later, Shoshana Bean.
  8. Of course, I wouldn't give up my husband for Julia's hair.
  9. With the clock ticking, Carly and Rosanna went searching for Julia and Jack.
  10. Dellas had previously served as a dance instructor for Julia Moon.
  11. As Proteus, he has no qualms about breaking his vows of love for Julia.
  12. For Julia Campbell, " Blue Skies " was anything but.
  13. That same year, Vanessa Redgrave was nominated for Julia ".
  14. PRESS-JUNKETS _ The setting for Julia Roberts'" America's Sweethearts " is a press junket.
  15. He came for Julia Elwood in the spring of 1956, when she was 15.
  16. Some maintain that Sonia was the model for Julia in " Nineteen Eighty-Four ".
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