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  1. Regulation of breeding and selection techniques for lean - type pigs
  2. Cushion for leaning on and cover using in car
  3. Feeding standard for lean - type pigs
  4. Jim has a strong desire for leaning chinese , so he is sure to make it
  5. Study on formulation and application of fatigue equation for lean concrete
  6. It's difficult to find for lean in a sentence. 用for lean造句挺難的
  7. Tips those who do not like to eat fatty meat , can opt for lean minced meat
  8. The foundations of lsd lie within the standards set for lean manufacturing by organizations such as toyota , dell , and wal - mart
    Lsd的基礎就在于諸如toyota 、 dell和wal - mart這些組織所采用的一組“精益生產”標準。
  9. Considered anti - crack for asphalt surface and split for lean concrete base , design standard of asphalt pavement with lean concrete base is developed
  10. Additional facilities such as a feed mill , a veterinary laboratory and a training centre for lean swine technology and management have also been established at each site
  11. Indexes of the performance comprehensive evaluation of lean production in green supply chain are analysed particularly and the index system is founded for lean production in green supply chain
  12. According to the different thermal fields and the maximum thermal gradient , the thermal stress of lean concrete base with asphalt surface can be calculated through fem , and the formula of calculating thermal stress for lean concrete base with asphalt surface is also brought forward based on that
  13. Lastly , with the fatigue equation , the paper establishes the fatigue stress coefficient which is used in the load stress calculation for lean concrete as undersurface of cement concrete pavement , and the structure coefficient of flexural tensile strength which is used in the flexural stress check for lean concrete as base of asphalt pavement
  14. Abstract : the multifunctional inverter power sourcethe handy inverter welding , plating & charging manchine , developed with advanced inverter and micro - electronics control techniques , adopts “ half - bridge power expansion supply midpoint voltage autocontrol setting ” , and technically and effectively having solved inverter subvision of inverter power expansion circuit for leaning magnetism , reliability of high - power inverter setting , achives combination of constantcurrent and constantvoltage export , and realizes low - voltage dc and high - voltage ac double power supply
    文摘:運用先進的高頻逆變技術和微電子控制技術設計研制的逆變式多功能電源便攜式逆變焊鍍充電多用機,采用“半橋式功放級供電中點電壓自動控制調節裝置” ,在技術上解決了逆變功放電路因偏磁而造成的逆變顛覆,有效地解決了大功率逆變器的可靠性問題;進行多種外特性的綜合設定,實現了恒流與恒壓輸出的合一;與傳統焊機相比,實現了開環和閉環狀態下都互不影響的低壓直流電瓶和高壓交流雙供電


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