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  1. At that time, Forest Abbey and the Abbey of Kortenberg were important landowners.
  2. Maria de Taye, abbess of Forest Abbey outside Brussels, commissioned paintings from him for the abbey church.
  3. Given the close proximity to Fore Abbey, the estate owner Smythe concluded that the bell possibly belonged to the St Feichin Abbey.
  4. Though historical records clearly show otherwise, legend states that Abel found, felled and used all the timber used in Fore Abbey Church in less than five months.
  5. Collinstown also has historic links with several religious orders : as well as a convent being established on Nun's Island, Lough Lene, to the north is the monastic complex of Fore Abbey.
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  7. "' Fore Abbey "'( ) is the old Benedictine Abbey ruin, situated to the north of Lough Lene in County Westmeath, just 25km ouside its county town of Mullingar.
  8. The abbots of Affligem, which had been the ecclesiastical owners of the parish since the bishop of Cambrai ceded it to them in 1105, decided to build a priory for women in Forest, Forest Abbey.
  9. Many of the buildings that remain today ( in ruins ) are from the 15th century and have been restored throughout this century, making Fore Abbey the largest group of 300 Benedictine to have sojourned and remained in Ireland.
  10. Situated between Lough Glore and Lough Lene, and Lough Ban, Ireland, the "'Hill of Ben "'dominates the valley where Fore abbey was built by De Lacy of the Lord of Meath family for the French Benedictine monks.
  11. Given the close proximity to the Fore Abbey, the estate owner Smythe concluded that the bell possibly belonged to the St Feichin Abbey; During the Viking and Anglo-Norman oppressions, it may have been transferred to Nun's Island, before being eventually being hidden upon Castle Island.
  12. In 830, Fedelmid was back burning monasteries this time it was probably that of Fore Abbey in modern County Westmeath, while in Southern Galway, he destroyed the U?Bri鷌n, and in the same year, the Munstermen were recorded as killing Folloman, son of Donnchad, brother of Conchobhar, the High King of Ireland.


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