1. The Wright Brothers began experimenting with the foreplane configuration around 1900.
  2. The new version without the foreplane was known as the Headless Pusher.
  3. These had short forward projections to carry the foreplane at axle height.
  4. A canard delta foreplane creates its own trailing vortex.
  5. The fuselage is deeper aft, carrying the rear wing higher than the foreplane.
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  7. It was a monoplane with a biplane foreplane and three short floats in tricycle layout.
  8. The Fabre Hydravion of 1910 was the first floatplane to fly and had a foreplane.
  9. Equilibrium can be achieved with lift from the foreplane rather than downforce from the tailplane.
  10. Some types have a horizontal " canard " foreplane ahead of the main wing, instead of behind it.
  11. The aircraft is a tandem two-seater of composite construction with a delta wing and a canard foreplane.
  12. In 1917 de Bruy鑢e constructed his C1 biplane fighter, having a canard foreplane and rear-mounted pusher propellor.
  13. Just as the sloop could be controlled by adjusting its jib, the glider could be controlled by foreplane trimming.
  14. This system is common in delta-wing aircraft ( deltaplane ), which use a stabilator-type canard foreplane.
  15. The electronic flight control system uses the pitch control function of the canard foreplane to create artificial static and dynamic stability.
  16. Fore and aft movement of the stick altered the angle of attack of the whole foreplane raising or lowering the nose.
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